Zianourry with Louis in a relationship and the boys being jealous

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Pairing: Zianourry

Fluff and a little Angst

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Currently four boys were sitting in a living room, all of them had a sour look on their face and the reason was that a certain petit, always smiling, feathery haired boy had gotten a boyfriend. And they were not happy about it. At all.

The reason for that was that they all had strong feelings for the Doncaster boy and they may have accepted the fact that Lou dated one of them mind you, not the fact that he was dating some random dude.

This was the reason they were siting there, waiting for Louis to come back from his date to talk about it with him. Harry was nervous and sad that he would choose a scumbag but not him. After all Harry was perfect for him! They got along so well; he made Louis smile that adorable smile of his and the way his small hands touched Harrys face was just melting his heart. Just like last week when Harry was telling him a really bad joke but still Louis would laugh and ruffle his hair, making his curls plop while he gave him the most loving look ever.

Zayn had similar feelings. He was also very disappointed about Louis choice. He thought he was the only one who Louis could talk to. After all Lou was most honest with him, when they are sitting on Zayn’s bed and the other boy has that deep melancholic look in his eyes, it was simply beautiful. They could talk about everything and the Bradford boy told him everything while playing with Louis slight hands. Zayn was and wanted to be the only one to ever see that look on his face and receive the tender touch of his hands.

Niall sighed, looking at the other three boys, all deep in thoughts. The irish lad was feeling pretty down about what Louis did. Niall felt really close to the brunette boy the last few months. He would just randomly pop up in Louis room and lay down with his head in the other boys lap. Louis always just smiled and run his long, slim fingers through the blonds hair. Niall would hum in pleasure and close his eyes. Sometimes he fell asleep and when he woke up Louis would also be asleep beside him with his head beside the blonds head. The irish boy could look at him forever in that moments; admire his ethereal beauty and peaceful expression while his eyelashes caressed his cheeks. Thinking about it now, Niall wanted to cry.

Liam noticed a small sob coming from the boy beside him and patted his head while Niall buried his head in the taller boys shoulder. He knew exactly how the smaller boy felt. Liam also felt like crying, especially when he remembered a moment with Louis a few days ago. He entered Louis flat and heard the gentle sound of the piano coming from the living room. When he entered his breath caught in his throat, so overwhelmed he was by the other boy who was playing the piano, swaying slightly, his eyes closed and lips slightly agape singing the melody to the piece he was playing. Liam didn’t want to interrupt the moment but as he moved further into the room Louis sensed his presence and abruptly stopped playing. For a few seconds no one spoke, then Liam asked if he could teach him to play like that and Louis nodded with a adorable smile. Liam sat down on the stool and Louis was behind him, his long fingers gliding over the black and white keys guiding the boarder boys hands. Liam didn’t want these moments to be lost forever.

They were all pulled out from their thought when the door opened and closed and Louis entered, followed closely by a taller man with red-brownish hair and a wide smile. When Louis saw the boys in his living room his expression changed to an surprised one.

"What are you guys doing in my flat? Did something happen?" there was a trace of worry in his eyes and tone as he took in the desolate form of the boys.

Harry was the first one to speak up and his voice cracked a little as if he might start crying any second “Lou, we need to talk to you. Alone.” The last word was spit out with venom and his eyes where fixed on the man behind Louis. 

He nodded and touched Louis shoulder gently “Well, I’m gonna leave now. See you next time and text me, yeah?” The boy in question smiled up at him and nodded before getting on his tiptoes and placing a kiss on his cheek. The man left smiling and Louis turned back to the other four boys “Now tell me, what is wrong?” His voice was tender and caring.

Liam cleared his throat and righted his position “We want you to break up with him.” The room fell silent and Louis eyed them with a wide eyes, looking from one to the other and not believing what he just heard. “Excuse you?” His voice was pitched which meant that he was going to be really angry if they didn’t stop. Stoping was no option for them though.

Zayn was the next one to speak “He is no good for you Louis. He doesn’t deserve you! As far as we know he is just a simple artist, what do you think he wants from you? The fame of course!” His accent was strong in his voice. Zayn was clearly upset.

Louis let out a short unbelieving laugh as he eyed them again. “You seriously want to tell me who I’m allowed and not allowed to date? Are you fucking kidding me?!” He was gesticulating wildly, too late to soothe him now. He was furious.

"We do! Don’t you get that we are just looking out for you? Stop being so selfish!" The curly haired boy screamed. The blue-grey eyed boy recoiled as if punched. "Selfish?" He repeated quietly "I’m selfish? Do you even realize that up till now the only reason I never was in a relationship  is so I could look out for you guys? I wanted you to have all my attention so I could care for you, but I’m tired. I can’t do this anymore, sorry, but you will have to deal with you petty problems alone."

He turned to leave when suddenly there were arms around him and a blond head was buried in his neck, heavy sobs wrecking the body before him. “Don’t go Lou. We are sorry! We love you so much and just being jealous and stupid. But we don’t want to lose you!” another fit of wailing took over his body, making Niall unable to continue his apology. 

The Doncaster boy wrapped his arms around the taller boy, caressing his head with one and rubbing his back with he other while soothingly whispering into his ear. He spared the other three a glance and saw that Harry was close to tears, his bottom lip wobbling. His eyes found Liam’s and he muttered only one word “Explain.” 

And so Liam did; he told him that all four of them were in love with him and that they didn’t want to share him with someone out of their little family. That they are worried about him whenever he is with that man and that they would except it if he chose one of them, as long as it’s not an outsider.

After he finished explaining Louis closed his eyes and gave Niall a kiss on the temple before he detached himself gently from the other boy. “Guys I am very sorry, but I don’t love you like that. I really love all of you equally but as little brothers, not as lovers. Just because I started dating someone doesn’t mean that you will loose me. I will still be yours just that there will be one more person you will have to share with. That guy is no stranger to me, I knew him when we were little  but he moved in high school and now we met again and his name is David by the way. If you give him a little time he could become part of this family. You all also should move on because I will never be able to return these feelings like you want me to. But whatever happens I will always be here for you.”

They were pretty much all close to crying now so Louis gave them a smile and stretched out his arms widely “Now come here. Who wants a group hug?” Before he could finish that sentence they were all tightly hugging him and Niall started sobbing again.

It was hard, but Louis knew that they could do this.